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About Santoshi Maa Trust

India is the one of the few countries in the world where god is worshiped in a female form which is truly amazing as god is generally given a male connotation in most religions. This reflects the fascinating aspect of faith prevalent in India.

The "Santoshi Maa Trust" is a Bangalore based non- profit organization, involved in various charitable causes through its members. The Trust was founded in 2010 by Mr. Subrat Parida, Mrs. Priyanka Mohanty, Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Panigrahi and like-minded people. The founding committee consisted of 14 members, led by Mr. Priyanka Mohanty as its President.

All the trust members are CEO, CIO, President, Vice- President, proprietor of IT comapnies and also from Other industry segments. The Trust’s popularity growing spectacularly. Over the years. Voluntary work by these members keeps the organization committed to its primary objectives. It is wonderful to note that our trust believed in equal opportunities. This was borne by the fact that our Puja was managed by women only.

Also we invite people to join us and support us to move forward for the devlopment of society. Also involve yourself to help poor people in an effective way.

Objectives of Santoshi Maa Trust :

  • Promoting universal harmony and peace by conducting Pujas, Homas and other spiritual activities
  • To propagate the message of Santoshi Maa through 16- friday with Udyapan
  • Distributing prasad "Bhog" to all devotees on each friday
  • Utilize Mantra Shastra to bring about a transformation in the lives of people and society
  • Construction of Temples of "Santoshi Maa" in each & every city to help devotees to conduct pujas & yagnas
  • Helping the poor people to eradicate the "rog & byadhi"
  • Protection of cows ( Symbol of Lord Shiva & Maa Santoshi)

From The Desk Of The Vice- President :

My Dear Friends,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Trust has completed its 2 years. And "Santoshi Maa Vrat" is more popular among the ladies. It signifies harmony amongst everybody and it occupies a very special place in the heart of all, irrespective of caste and creed. Although, during these days of Puja, Vrat Karta (who has manasik) get together and share the auspicious occasion but I have observed that, over the year people from all community have imbibed the essence of Santoshi Puja celebrations by assembling together in our Puja Pandal over the months.

We are proud to mention that our Puja has completed the long 2nd year of its existence and what a distinguished existence it has been. In the turmoil and era of differences our committee in Bangalore has stood as a rock of solid hard core foundation.

It is really a great feeling and thrilling experience to write something and address to all of your to this 3rd year of Puja celebration. During my long association with the trust, I have seen the tremendous dedication and energy of our members. Frankly speaking, it only gave me vigor to work more. But today our memberships have grown to large number. More new people have joined. Their ideas have been given due consideration. Without support of all of you it would not have been possible to carry out the activities. My recall the selfless and untiring contribution made by all members.

To this great occasion my sincere request to all of you to assemble everyday during the puja and guide us to keep the evil spirit at bay and to organize the Puja in a befitted manner.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the members.

Jai Maa Santoshi

(Subrat Parida)
Managing Trustee

Annual general body meeting was held on 26th January 2006 at Indira Park near Tank bund, Bangalore.
Pictures will be uploaded soon.

Annual general body meeting was held on 26th January 2006 at Indira Park near Tank bund, Bangalore.
Pictures will be uploaded soon.

Annual general body meeting was held on 26th January 2006 at Indira Park near Tank bund, Bangalore.
Pictures will be uploaded soon.
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